Brandon Calano

From the moment when Brandon hit record on his first four-track, this native Boulderite embarked on a quest to learn everything he could about music production.

While apprenticing under all-star engineers at the Boulder & Fox theaters, as well as studio veterans including Fab Dupont (Shakira | Jennifer Lopez | David Crosby), Brandon developed a deep love for working with songwriters to craft heartfelt, musical stories that resonate with everyone.

A musician himself, Brandon brings experience from both sides of the glass, which elevates his client’s projects to new heights. As an engineer, BC strives to bring the massive sonics of pop productions to every song he touches. His signature mixes have that crystal-clear top-20 sound you’ll love.

During daylight hours, Brandon has his hands in virtually every band/songwriter project. He'll ensure your session goes off without a hitch, from pre-production to final mix.

Want to talk about your music? Or hear about Brandon’s secret powder stashes in Vail? Hit him up at 303.447.0551 or bcalano{at}

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