Jake Sproul

Jake was born to play music.  From an early age, old records and listening to his dad play the guitar set his heart on fire.  He and his brother Daniel began creating music together in elementary school, a strong bond that eventually became the band Rose Hill Drive.  With their band, they toured with The Who, Stone Temple Pilots and Aerosmith among others. They made records, made friends with Pete Townshend, but most of all they had fun. 

Continuing his passion for music after the band stopped touring, Jake became immersed in original music and composition. He loves making music on his Gibson Hummingbird, his Wurlitzer, and his computer. A lover of all styles of music, he's always up on the freshest tracks to stay on top of where the modern directions of music are heading. That being said, he still spins the classics, and still plays his grandpa's jazz on vinyl.  
If you're looking for a modern tune, or a new spin on an old sound, get in touch with Jake at jsproul(at)coupestudios.com

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