Libby Clearfield
Producer/Casting Director

Our newest addition to the Coupe team, Libby really helps tie our room together. New to Boulder, she comes to us from Los Angeles, where she worked as an actor, director and teacher, before deciding the traffic and smog were no longer for her. 

Libby possesses acute attention to detail and an uncanny ability to make anyone feel at home. She handles the producer and project manager duties with ease and über-organization. The gal to see (or hear) for for accents and dialects, Libby can speak in virtually any one of them out there, as well as quote movies verbatim on a whim. She writes pretty darn well too, having written and produced a play, a children's book, and a memoir. Check out her website for more information.

Want to talk about obstacle course mud runs or maintaining a social media presence? Give her a shout at 303.447.0551 or libby{at} 

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