Music Supervision

In addition to the custom composition we're so damn famous for, we also are your go-to team for licensing other folks' music. Whether it's finding the perfect library track for your TV spot or licensing a Beach Boys song for your surf movie; we've got you covered.

Over the last 30-some years, we've gotten pretty damn good at the sometimes bewildering process of licensing popular songs as we've cut deals with everybody from Gershwin to The Lumineers. We know how to work a deal with publishers and artists, and we can usually get it done quickly.

If the budget calls for stock/needledrop/library/whateveryouwannacallit, call us to search the best libraries and get you the best deal. We've got arrangements with most of the better libraries, so we can find you that perfect track at a price that works for your budget. And if you need a custom feel without a custom price tag, let us sweeten that library track for you! Our composers and players will bring it to life and give a feel like it was scored to your picture.

Whether you already know what you want, or if you'd like us to set loose our team of music supervisors on a hunt through the best libraries around or a bevy of independent artists - we'll come back with exactly the right tune for your project.

Call or email us today to learn more!

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