Voiceover Demos

A career in voiceover is a great way to earn a living for those fortunate enough to break into the industry. A great VO demo is your first step. As any casting director or agency producer will tell you, low quality demos get tossed - regardless of how good the voice is. They may sort through fifty to a hundred demos for any one job, so the first step in that process of elimination is to trash the low quality recordings. Your demo needs to be every bit as good as that golden voice of yours!

Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Coupe, we cast and record talent for the biggest names around. From commercial projects for clients like Motorola, Coors and Volkswagen; to films for Warren Miller and Universal; to narration for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Books on Tape - we do it all right here. The 30+ years of experience we have with producing VO means we're the best partner for you to produce your demo with. Plus, we'll get you through the whole process from acquiring scripts to getting your demo into the hands of the best talent agents around. You'll walk out of your session with a fully produced demo, complete with music, sound effects and everything else it needs to sound top-notch. We love discovering new talents in the area, so we'll even give you a discounted rate on the studio time.

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