Original Music Composition

Real players. Real instruments. Huge, industry-leading sample libraries, with the expertise to bring them to life. From beat mashing and wickedly over-cranked synths, to three chord rock, medieval woodwind ensembles, deep & devilish grooves, lush jazz orchestral voicings, or spacious tonal ambiences...We're talkin' production sensibilities that are timeless, no matter what the tools required or demands may be!

What makes us different from other music houses? Our team of full-time, in-house composers working right here in our five-studio facility is your musical SWAT team - deploying immediately to create - and equally important - to revise and refine your musical score until it's perfect. And we bring in top session players from around the region and around the world to give our compositions a richness and depth that can't be achieved by a synthesizer and a drum machine alone.

Acheiving deep resonance with your vision, with richness and depth is our goal. We love the collaborative process. And let's face it - creating the music should always be one of the most enjoyable parts of any project.

We offer a range of services to meet most any budget, from arranging major productions with dozens of musicians, to taking a library track and affordably embellishing it to add a custom vibe.

Whatever the assignment, from unforgettable three second mnemonics to long-form orchestral soundtracks, our composers are passionate about creating truly original music.

Hearing is believing, so click over to the samples to hear some of our stuff.

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