Aaron Garrison

Aaron is a popular name here at Coupe Studios, so this particular one goes by Garrison. 

He wears many different hats during the day ranging from Producer, Music Supervisor, Editor, Sound Designer, Fire Protection Specialist, Spreadsheet Coordinator, to resident Sink Drier. But his favorite hat to wear is his flat billed Coupe hat, which seems to be permanently affixed to his head. 

He takes the role of being a Swiss Army knife very seriously and can run with any project you throw at him like MacGyver stuck in a VO booth with a bomb and only Gaffer tape to survive.

He's a Colorado native, loves the Denver Broncos almost as much as he loves drumming, and spends his time outside of work with his two favorite women on the planet, his fiancé Mandi and daughter Hailey.
Want to talk drumlines or Bronco football? Contact Aaron at 303.447.0551 or agarrison{at}coupestudios.com

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