Founded by a guitar player from the Motor City, Coupe’s roots are the real deal. Armed with a four-track recorder and full use of a backyard chicken coop, Scott embarked on a journey to create Coupe Studios. It started with a jingle for a local bike shop. Today Coupe has the privilege of creating sound and music for some of the world’s biggest brands and films. Throughout it all, the philosophy of making music and sound the right way has remained consistent.

“You can’t be a pessimist and start a company in a chicken coop.”

—Scott Roche, Coupe Founder / President

We’re based in Boulder, Colorado. And that’s a happy accident. When we set up shop here four decades ago, who knew that Boulder would become one of the country’s most sought after creative destinations? And as it turns out, our clients from around the globe don’t seem to mind coming to our neck of the woods for an audio session.

If there is a signature Coupe sound, it’s authenticity—no matter what the genre.

Joy. Sadness. Anger. Euphoria. It’s a gift to be part of work that evokes emotions. Every person at Coupe marvels at the opportunity to create in this amazing industry. We live for the chance to make the perfect soundtrack. To find just the right voice. To hit the note that takes a piece from good, to great. To find alchemy. That perfect mix that conjures gold. It’s why we do what we do. Why our clients come back again and again. Because sometimes we get to make something we are so damn proud of that we get goose-bumps, and misty-eyed, and gather our whole team just to say, “You HAVE to hear this!”