That’s Automated Dialogue Replacement, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. ADR, dubbing, re-recording—whatever you want to call it—we’re experts at it. Thanks to the many Hollywood stars who use “winter” as a verb, we are indisputably the go-to studio for ADR in this part of the country. You’ve unknowingly heard our ADR on TV shows including Lost, Law & Order and Mob Doctor as well as a list of films several miles long.

Using ISDN, ipDTL or Source Connect, we can connect to the mothership back in LA, send time code, and all that good stuff. All of our ADR studios are set up with multiple monitor setups to ensure sync, and an arsenal of microphones to make sure we match your original.

If you’ve got dialogue you need to replace, we’re equipped with the technology, know-how and experience to get it done right.