Aaron Lasko

We imported Aaron from Pennsylvania to work with us as an engineer back in the late 90s. He had earned a reputation for being a bulletproof force of nature in the studio, and today he brings that same commitment to perfection to his work as a senior producer and sound designer.

With a resume that includes engineering in major live venues and large scale studio environments, Aaron's technical knowledge helps keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Like everybody here, he's a solid musician in his own right, and that ability lends itself well to his role as one of our senior music supervisors.

An avid golfer, motorcyclist, skier, and proud papa; his consistently positive attitude and love of what he does comes across in the great results Aaron produces for our clients.

Want to talk golf and/or your next project? Contact Aaron at 303.447.0551 or alasko{at}coupestudios.com


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