Philip Emma
Artist Advocate

Philip is everywhere in the music world. If you're at a concert of any kind, there's a pretty good chance he is too. From his first show on the Victory Tour with Michael Jackson to just about every music festival of the last 15 years, his journey through listening to music has made him the on the street advocate for artists everywhere. 
To say that Philip stays busy would be an understatement. When he's not here at Coupe, he's teaching high school, writing and photographing for the Grateful Web, and spending time with his daughter Isabella. Philip is an avid poster and music memorabilia collector, and also loves to watch and play his sports. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, it is very obvious who his favorite teams are. 
If you're looking for a show or album review, or to get your band into the studio here at Coupe, give him a ring at (303) 817-8384 or email philip(at)

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