Sara Dorheim-Davis
Jr. Engineer/Producer

Sara was another internship investment that paid off for us. Fresh out of the great program at The Madison Media Institute, Sara earned her way to a paid position at Coupe after a year of solid work as an intern.

Born and raised in Madison, WI, this lifelong cheesehead went to school with 75 men - the only female to graduate in her class. Female engineers are all too rare, particularly ones like Sara who are ProTools certified - so we're glad to have her feminine touch as part of our mostly male crew.
Sara's engineering chops are solid - you'll find her running band recording sessions evenings and weekends, or recording voiceover during the week - and her well rounded musical background has made her a great addition to our music supervision team as well.
Reach her at 303.447.0551 or sdorheim{at}


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