Scott Roche
President, Executive Producer

For Scott, it all started with an Epiphone Casino guitar, a Bandmaster amp, and a four track recorder nestled cozily in the converted chicken coop behind his house in north Boulder.

The fuse was lit. Four tracks soon grew by multiples of 24, and the chicken coop evolved into a state-of-the-art five studio complex, custom designed and built from the ground up.

Scott's passion for creating world-class music and sound design, and for mentoring great musical talents is shared by all his partners at Coupe. That reputation for perfection and top notch creativity is the reason people come from all over the world to collaborate with our team.

Want to talk vintage guitars, amps, or the finer points of raising two lovely daughters? Give The Godfather a call at 303.447.0551 or email him at sroche{at}

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