Studio A

Coupe Studios is a 5300 square foot facility designed by the Walters & Storyk Group and built from the ground up in 1993.

Studio A is centered around an SSL AWS 900+ mixing console. Also featured in the A Room is a Digidesign Pro Tools HD Accel system. For visual projects, a 55 inch flatscreen is in place for viewing your project in style. The variety of audio monitors in the room allow for 5.1 mixing, and emulating just about any audio environment, from car stereo speakers to a commercial theater. An Otari MX80 24 track analog recorder and a full complement of outboard gear complete the recipe for premium quality music and audio production.

The Studio A Tracking Room is a 500 square foot main room complete with a Yamaha C7 grand piano. A drum room, three smaller isolation rooms, and the ability to patch into any other studio in the building provide a hell of a lot of recording options.

Studio A Images

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