GumCo – UT Dept of Health – Dir. Garrett Martin~TV~:30

AARP Studios/Stamper Lumber ~ Dinner with Don – Snoop Dogg ~ Film ~ 7:58

The North Face ~ Original Music ~ :30

WD-40 ~ Original Music ~ Musical Sound Design ~ :30

Waypoint Conoco~Original Music~Connect~:30

Waypoint Conoco~Original Music~Get Away~:30

Avalon~Original Music~Don’t Follow~:30

Avalon~Original Music~Your View~:30

CDOT~Sound Design~Beware of the Beltless~:30

Directed by Ognian Bozikov~Sound Design~Exothermic~4:15

Ford~Sound Design~Bumgarner~:30

Kohler~Sound Design~XTC~1:08

Maytag~Sound Design~Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel~1:08

Maytag~Sound Design~Top Load~1:09

Root Sports~Sound Design~Houston Rockets~:30

Continental~Sound Design~Driveline Systems~1:04

Bunny Blue~TV~Footloose~:30

ID Network~TV~Alka Seltzer~:30


Under Armour~TV~You vs. The Year~1:00


Adrian Bishop~Film~Alt~1:45

Camp4~Film~Denali’s Raven~1:00

Camp4~Film~Honey Hunters~:30

Design Con Carne~Film~Racing in Red~2:40

Felt Soul Media~Film~Kamchatka Steelhead Project~1:20

North Face~Film~Guayana~2:10

Sender Films~Film~Valley Uprising~1:45

Velocity Network~Original Music~Image~:30

Intel~Original Music~Drop~:30

CO Lottery~Original Music~Holiday Scratch~:30


Walmart~Radio~Walmart To-Go~:30

Volkswagon~Radio~Routan Boom Feat. Brooke Shields~1:00

Sprite~Radio~Juegos Olympicos~1:00

Old Navy~Radio~Supermodelkins Fall Sale~1:00


Church’s Chicken~Radio~Texas Pete Shrimp~:30

Cabela’s~Radio~Get Outdoors Sale~:30

Burger King~Radio~Square Butts = Feat. Sir Mix a Lot~:50


American Express~Radio~American Express~1:00

Pearl Izumi~Sound Design~Project Emotion~:08

Cover Girl~Sound Design~Hunger Games~:30

Inspirato~Original Music~Anthem~1:40

WD-40~TV~Live Life. Hands On.~:30

Integer~TV~Blue Moon~:30

Vail Resorts~TV~Epic Pass~1:00

AMC~TV~Sherwin Williams~:30

Cinch Jeans~TV~Practice~1:00